Teamsters Storm Fighters

Attention Teamsters Storm Fighters! Send us your pictures to be featured on this page and in future newsletters. We want to see you and your trucks on the job!



  1. Thou shall present thyself to thy job physically and mentally fit and properly clothed for any emergency in order to withstand the rigors of thy task.
  2. Thou shall never enter thy cab without inspecting thy lights, windshield wipers, defrosters, flares, and other safety equipment.
  3. Thou shall know thy spreading and plowing routes as well as the performance of thy spinner and the life of thy plow blade.
  4. Thou shall faithfully remain alert in order to avoid guardrail, stalled cars and mail boxes. Otherwise thee may smite thy windshield with thy head.
  5. Thou shall contain thy temper even though cars and trucks pass thee on both sides and tailgate thee too close for comfort. Anger only multiplies thee prospects of coming to grief by accident.
  6. Thou shall use thy radio, as briefly as possible. Remember thy fellow workers may need to communicate in an emergency.
  7. Thou shall render thy truck and spreader out of gear and stoutly set thy breaks before dismounting from thy cab.
  8. Thou shall interrupt thy flow of power to thy spreader before attempting to free any foreign objects or blockages if thee treasure thy fingers.
  9. Thou shall govern thy speed according to conditions, else thee may wind up with thy truck upside down.
  10. Thou shall mind thy manners on the roadway, clearly signaling thy intentions and remembering that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

If thee is alert, thee will remain safe and alive to render service to thy fellow man another day.

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