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Survey Shows Sheriff’s Failure to Protect the Jail and Its Employees

A recent survey conducted by Teamsters Local 700 in reveals that Sheriff Tom Dart is failing to protect his employees inside the Cook County jail.  The survey reveals he is failing to provide Officers with Personal Protective Equipment prior to the start of their shifts, and forcing some officers to work multiple 16-hour shifts per week, compromising their ability to fight illness and increasing an already stressful job. The data shows that the Sheriff does not have COVID-19 “under control” as he has claimed for months, and it is the Officers who are in harm’s way. Already, over 500 Officers have tested positive and five have died from the virus. Corrections Officers are the front line at the severely short staffed Jail, working dangerously long hours and paying a terrible price for it. According to the survey, Officers  are routinely being mandated to work double shifts, 16 hours, in a dangerous environment which requires every officer to be on guard every minute.  Nearly one in four responding Officers report having been mandated to work a double shift between 30-60 times since March and another 8%  said they’ve been mandated more than 60 times since March. That means roughly 1-in-5 Officers […]

Meet the CCDOC Teamsters Bargaining Team

As negotiations continue at CCDOC, the rank-and-file Teamster members and stewards on the bargaining team wanted to update their fellow officers on the fight to bring change under a strong union contract. Below you’ll find information about each committee member, including what divisions they have worked while at the jail and what they’re fighting for in negotiations. Together, with union staff, they will be sitting across the table to negotiate our next collective bargaining agreement. Thanks to your input, we are well on our way to winning the fairness and respect all officers deserve on the job! “In these contract negotiations, we’re looking for monetary compensation, to maintain status quo when it comes to insurance, and to remedy the home check situation. Ultimately, we are fighting to improve the contract so that it’s more beneficial to all officers.” —TYRONE FELIX, CCDOC Officer since 2000 | Local 700 Steward | Maximum Security & Acute Psychiatric- “One of the issues I’m fighting to get resolved is the effects of the emergency language that is being utilized, and the way it is being used by the administration. I’ve been involved with every Union that has been on this compound. I haven’t seen any […]

Local 700 Wins Hazard Bonus for Officers at the Cook County Jail

Huge news: Every CCDOC Corrections Officer will receive a $1,250 hazard pay bonus—all together, that’s $3.75 million dollars for members who have put so much on the line to protect our community. This bonus is a major win. And as we continue to bargain our new contract, we’ll be working to deliver contractually-guaranteed hazard pay. Help spread the news—share this graphic with your colleagues on social media. The hazard pay bonus shows the power of solidarity. For months, we’ve stood firm to demand hazard pay for every officer. We’ve worked in special sessions, in contract bargaining and using public pressure on Sheriff Dart and Cook County Board President Preckwinkle.Cook County has consistently claimed there was no money to provide hazard pay for every officer. Thanks to the collaboration between Teamsters Local 700, Joint Council 25 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, we were able to prove that money provided through the CARES Act COULD be used for hazard pay—this bonus is a direct result of that teamwork and the advocacy of our members. Solidarity works. It takes time, it takes persistence, it takes dedication, but when we stand together we have tremendous power to improve our working conditions and our […]

The Real Story of COVID-19 and the Cook County Jail

Over 2,500 Officers at the Cook County Department of Corrections have been victims of Sheriff Tom Dart’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 outbreak at the Cook County Jail. By failing to provide PPE and adhere to CDC guidelines at the beginning of the outbreak, Sheriff Dart caused 500+ jail staff to become infected with COVID-19; to date five CCDOC Officers have died due to COVID-19. Sheriff Dart’s reign of abuse has led to a higher infection rate among Corrections Officers than jail detainees. Additionally, policies like home checks and frequent mandatory overtime shifts cripple Officers’ recovery time and weaken the immune systems of Officers still at work. A recent spike in COVID-19 cases that began in September and continues into November show the Sheriff still does not have a handle on COVID-19 at the jail while he continues to abuse his staff.

Sheriff Dart Silent as COVID-19 Cases Among CCDOC Officers on the Rise

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has not issued any new guidelines or safety measures as COVID-19 cases continue to spike in October. As cases among Cook County Department of CorrectionsOfficers are on the rise and another Officer passed away due to COVID-19 in recent weeks, the Sheriff refuses to enact stricter safety measures to protect his staff. As cases in Chicago and Cook County spike and local officials tighten restrictions for businesses, the Sheriff continues to allow face-to-face visits at the jail, which expose Corrections Officers to unnecessary interactions with individuals who might have COVID-19.   “You have bars and restaurants enforcing stricter protocols than the Cook County Jail and that is outrageous. The jail was a super spreader in March and April, and we could see that happen again, all because of Sheriff Dart’s lack of concern and action. Five Corrections Officers have died from COVID-19. When will the Sheriff realize he needs to do more to protect Officers?” said Teamsters Local 700 Vice President Anthony McGee. Teamsters Local 700 held a socially distanced memorial service on Wednesday, October 21 to honor the lives of all the Officers who have died in 2020. McGee said his heart goes out […]

Teamsters Local 700 President Ramon D. Williams Testimony Read Before the Cook County Board Of Commissioners

The testimony was read before the Cook County Board of Commissioners Tuesday October 22nd. Full Testimony below. Teamsters-Local-700-CCDoC-Testimony-9_22.20Download

Fact Checking Sheriff Dart’s WGN Interview on 9/22/20

Sheriff Tom Dart fumbles through doubletalk and blatant lies regarding Covid-19 in the Cook County Jail and the dangers posed to the officers who work there.

Mother of Sheila Rivera, CCDOC Officer Who Died from Complications Related to Covid-19, Shares Memories of Her Daughter

Rita Mattera, whose daughter was a Cook County corrections officer who died from complications related to coronavirus, said her daughter was a very caring person who touched countless lives through many acts of kindness. “At the funeral one of her co-workers came up to me and asked, ‘Did you teach her how to make bracelets?’” Mattera said. After inquiring what he meant, the officer explained that Mattera’s daughter, Sheila Rivera, had made him a bracelet as a tribute to his mother who had just passed. “She was buying Alex and Ani bracelets and this is one example of how she gave herself to people,” Mattera said. “It was an honor to receive a bracelet from her,” the officer told Mattera. Rivera, 47, died in April, one of three corrections officers at the county jail who have died from complications from coronavirus. She left a husband and 16-year-old son. Mattera recently heard about Teamsters Local 700’s campaign to fight for hazard pay for all corrections officers. “I am an attorney and I received hazard pay,” Mattera said. “The officers at the jail deserve hazard pay.” Rivera earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work, and completed a certificate in pastoral […]

Teamsters Appeal Ruling Against Cook County Department of Corrections Officers Excluded from 2019 Roll Call Bonus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Noelle Hardy,, 847-939-9707 Teamsters Appeal Ruling Against Cook County Department of Corrections Officers Excluded from 2019 Roll Call Bonus CHICAGO – In 2019 the Cook County Sheriff’s Office arbitrarily excluded hundreds of CCDOC Officers from receiving a Roll Call Bonus. Local 700 immediately filed a grievance with the employer against this outrageous decision, in an effort to secure the 2019 Roll Call Bonus for all CCDOC Officers. This summer, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, managing a volatile population, and the variety of dangers Officers face daily dealing with detainees, the arbitrator ruled against Local 700 upholding the exclusion of those Officers from Roll Call Bonuses. Local 700 appealed this ruling with the Circuit Court and continues to fight for 2019’s roll call bonus just as we secured 2020’s Roll Call Bonus.  “The Union remains committed to fighting this decision, with every tool at our disposal, until our Officers see results.” Vice President and Business Agent, Anthony L. McGee stated. Though the employer denied 2019’s Roll Call Bonus provision for all Officers at the Jail, nothing will prevent Local 700 from continuing fighting for the compensation our members deserve.

Teamsters Local 700 Secures Release of Delayed Roll Call Bonus for Cook County Department of Corrections Officers; Demands Sheriff Issue Timely Payments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Noelle Hardy,, 847-939-9707 Teamsters Local 700 Secures Release of Delayed Roll Call Bonus for Cook County Department of Corrections Officers; Demands Sheriff Issue Timely Payments  CHICAGO – The anticipated Roll Call Bonus for CCDOC Sheriffs was issued today. Officers fending off the threat of Covid-19, in addition to other challenges they face daily at the Jail, were promised payment for several months. These courageous Officers have now received their expected bonuses as Local 700 continues the fight for the rights of its members.  Local 700 has fought tirelessly over the last several months to compel the employer to issue the bonus.  “The Union is pleased that members have finally received what they are entitled to, but continue to be disappointed in the Sheriff’s inability to process payments in a timely manner. We will continue to fight and hold them accountable for their actions.” Anthony McGee stated. The issuance of the delayed bonus is an encouraging sign during the ongoing fight with Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle, for Hazard Pay. The Union intends to utilize the momentum of this success as we return to contract negotiations with the Sheriff’s Office and Cook County Board at the […]

Teamsters Local 700 Announces the Start of Contract Negotiations with Cook County Sheriff’s Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Noelle Hardy, Teamsters Local 700 Announces the Start of Contract Negotiations with Cook County Sheriff’s Office as Correctional Officers Demand Fair Pay and Dignity on the Job Chicago, IL – Teamsters Local 700 announced the start of negotiations for a new contract at the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) in Chicago, on behalf of the approximately 2,500 CCDOC correctional officers the union represents. The current contract is set to expire on November 30, 2020. The start of contract negotiations comes after months of CCDOC correctional officers putting their lives on the line during the COVID-19 pandemic while also doing their jobs effectively. “CCDOC Correctional Officers deserve a contract that recognizes them for who they are: essential workers,” said Ramon Williams, President of Local 700. “Our members bravely protect the citizens of Cook County every day, often at great personal risk. The bargaining team will be fighting for a contract that honors Officers’ service, treats them with dignity on the job, and compensates them fairly.” Ahead of the start of contract negotiations, Local 700 held virtual meetings to hear directly from members about what issues the bargaining committee must prioritize. As a result, the team will be focused on:  Fair pay, […]


Members of Local 700 joined virtual meetings this morning and evening to get an update about negotiations for a new contract at the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) in Chicago. “You are all essential workers and you are all on the front lines of this pandemic and you deserve to be protected,” said Ramon Williams, President of Local 700 in Park Ridge, Illinois. “We have a very strong negotiating committee, an excellent attorney and support staff that are focused on negotiating a contract that will address your issues.” Contract negotiations will begin on August 11. The bargaining committee is currently in the process of reviewing contract proposals. The current contract, which covers about 2,500 CCDOC members of Local 700, expires on November 30. The negotiating committee will address numerous issues, including: · County mandates and easing the impacts on officers;· Fair pay, including the need for additional hazard pay;· Seniority and bidding;· Home checks, roll call and three-hour call-in rule; and · Respect and dignity on the job. During the calls, Anthony McGee, Local 700 Vice President and a former corrections officer at the Cook County Jail, reviewed the issues that are facing officers and told members that the bargaining committee will be addressing their […]

CCDOC Teamsters Step Up the Fight for Hazard Pay

This past April, the Cook County Jail was named a Covid-19 Hotspot. As the Novel Coronavirus rebounds, the Jail and it’s Officers are still uniquely vulnerable to the spread of Covid-19. Teamsters are demanding that CCDOC Officers are protected on the job. It’s time for Cook County to acknowledge that ALL officers are essential workers on the front lines of this pandemic. Please sign this petition to support CCDOC officers’ fight for fair compensation as they deal with the risks of COVID-19:


From the beginning of the pandemic, Teamsters Local 700 has been working around the clock to secure hazard pay for all CCDOC members. We are proud to announce that we are currently working on a deal with the sheriff’s office that will ensure ALL officers at CCDOC are properly compensated for serving on the front lines of this national health crisis.The Teamsters will not back down until an agreement has been reached, and we will continue to update members in the days ahead.We also hope you will join us next Thursday (July 30) to learn more about our fight for hazard pay by registering for our craft meeting via Zoom.Stay Strong, Stay United ✊

Loss of Officer Jose Marquez

Local 700 is deeply saddened to announce the loss of Officer Jose Marquez from the Cook County Department of Corrections. He succumbed to complications from Covid-19 on Sunday June 28th.  Ofc. Marquez served since 2004 and leaves behind a wife and four children. Our prayers and sympathies are with them in this most difficult time. Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay United. Teamsters Local 700

Teamsters Successfully Intervene in May V. Dart

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 4, 2020 Communications Department Teamsters Local 700 1-847-939-9700     Teamsters Successfully Intervene in May V. Dart A Win in the fight to protect Officers in Covid-19 hot zone, the Cook County Jail.   Chicago, IL: Teamsters Local 700 is pleased to announce that, on June 2, 2020, District Court Judge Robert W. Gettleman entered an order granting its Motion to Intervene in Mays v. Dart. “-the Union has articulately explained that the relief sought by plaintiffs, if ultimately awarded, could have direct impact on the safety and welfare of the guards and staff at the Cook County Jail,” District Court Judge Robert W. Gettleman rightfully acknowledged in the order. “as well as the investigators who are tasked with supervising any inmates who might be released.” From the inception of this lawsuit, we have recognized that the relief sought by the detainees at the CCDOC could directly impact the terms and conditions of employment.  From the elimination of bullpen usage in Receiving to the reassignment of staff, this lawsuit has already begun to tangibly implicate the daily lives of our brothers and sisters on the Compound.  Our first priority is now and has always been to […]

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