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Teamsters Local 700 Condemns the Mandatory Vaccination Edict From the Cook County Sheriff’s Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27, 2021 Communications Department Teamsters Local 700 1-847-939-9700 Sheriff Tom Dart announced a new policy of mandatory vaccinations for all Cook County Department of Corrections Officers. Chicago, IL – In August, employers around the country began announcing their intentions to compel employees to receive Covid-19 vaccinations as a requirement of […]

CCDOC and Teamsters Local 700: Winning Big Together

After 9 months of wrangling with the Cook County Sherriff’s Office, the CCDOC has a new and much-improved contract. We want to give special thanks to all the members who participated in the ratification. Local 700 is proud to be moving forward with our members at the Cook County Department of Corrections. Teamsters Local 700 […]

Edward Kern and Melissa Molina join Teamsters Local 700 as Business Agents for the Cook County Department of Corrections

For Immediate Release August 4th, 2021 Contact: Teamsters Local 700 Communications, 847-939-9700 Edward Kern and Melissa Molina join Teamsters Local 700 as Business Agents for the CCDOC Chicago Il- CCDOC Veteran Edward Kern has been a Sheriff for 20 years and spending several years working on behalf of officers as a Union Steward. Ed […]


Teamsters Local 700 is proud to announce that the Officers of The Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) have voted overwhelmingly to ratify their contract. Officers voted over a three-day period this week and collectively decided to accept the new contract which was negotiated by a committee consisting of rank and file members supported by […]

CCDOC Wins with Local 700

Brothers and Sisters,As President of Teamsters Local 700, it is my great honor to announce that we have succeeded in our hard-fought campaign to secure union representation at CCDOC. The vote for Teamster representation was clear, an overwhelming 984 to 598 votes for Local 700.I want to thank every officer for voting in this election. […]

FLLA Confesses That They’re Rainmakers for Disparti Law

Rainmaker; (noun) a person who brings clients, business and money to their law firm. FLLA’s Board released a statement on Facebook bragging that they will send Officers Injury-On-Duty cases to Disparti Law. What kind of Union doesn’t have their own internal legal team? And why do Officers have to share their settlement with Disparti Law […]

CCDOC Tentative Agreement Reins In the Sheriff’s Pandemic Powers

Tentative Agreement Puts Time Limit & Other Restrictions on Emergency Provision “When COVID-19 hit, the emergency provision allowed the Sheriff to move people with no plan or method. It was disorganized and it caused a lot of stress and hardship for the officers. Even veteran officers with close to 30 years were displaced. It was […]

CCDOC Tentative Agreement Knocks Down Outrageous Call-In Time

Sheriff Dart’s 3-hour call-in time policy was totally unreasonable and a major detriment to the health of CCDOC Officers. Teamsters Local 700 has secured a tentative agreement to reduce the call-in time from three hours, down to two, with the goal of eventually bringing that time back down to one hour. Old contract Officers were […]

Meet the CCDOC Office Stewards

The Stewards assigned to the CCDOC Union Office are on-site and ready to help you navigate the challenges and antics of the Sheriff’s Office. With more than 3000 Officers on the Compound, it’s important that you are reminded that the men and women in the Union Office are more than just voices on the other […]

Tentative Agreement on New Seniority Policy Restores Respect for CCDOC Officers

The days of disrespecting the rights and seniority of dedicated CCDOC Officers are over. Teamsters Local 700 has secured a tentative agreement that will honor the years of service and commitment of Corrections Officers, and make time worked at the jail the sole factor in determining seniority.   Old Contract: Seniority was calculated based on […]

Teamsters Win Long Fight Over Roll Call Bonus, Secure Early Payment of Upcoming Bonus

Teamsters Local 700 is pleased to announce that the December 2020 Roll Call Bonus has finally been paid to hard-working Officers at CCDOC.  In addition to securing these payments, Teamsters Local 700 demanded and forced the Sheriff’s Office to pay the June 2021 Roll Call Bonus on April 30, to offset the financial impact of […]

Tentative Agreement on New Home Check Policy Eliminates Unnecessary Harassment

“What we’ve done with this tentative agreement is drastically reduce how and when the Sheriff can use his home check policy. The new policy we have negotiated is an enormous improvement and will make a drastic difference for us at CCDOC. This is a huge win for every officer on the compound.”  Steve Gluszek, CCDOC […]


Brothers and Sisters of Law Enforcement, families of Law Enforcement, and friends of Law Enforcement: Illinois House Representatives Restorative Justice Committee has voted on House Bill 1727. This creates the Bad Apples in Law Enforcement Accountability Act of 2021, which ends qualified immunity for all members of Law Enforcement in the State of Illinois. It […]

Teamsters Push Back on CCDOC Bids

Dear Brother and Sisters: Local 700  is fighting for a preliminary injunction to enjoin Sheriff Tom Dart from recklessly and unsafely conducting department-wide bids on March 29, 2021. Today, the court gave the Sheriff until March 15, 2021 to respond. We will continue to fight for your safety during and after this pandemic.  Stay Safe. Stay […]

Update on Signing of Bill 3653

Illinois Governor J.P. Pritzker signed House Bill 3653 into law on Monday afternoon, enacting so-called reforms to the criminal justice system which greatly hinder the ability of law enforcement officers to ensure public safety. Though Teamsters Local 700 and its allies in the Illinois General Assembly were able to remove language restricting collective bargaining and […]

Teamsters Win First Round in Battle Over Bids

Teamsters Local 700 is proud to report our hard work has paid off. By standing together, as Teamsters, CCDOC Officers successfully delayed Sheriff Dart’s unfair bid proposal. One week after Teamsters Local 700 filed an injunction, Sheriff Dart announced today that the bids will be delayed until March 29. Teamsters Local 700 is the only […]

Teamsters Local 700 President Ramon D. Williams Moves forward Against Sheriff Dart’s Harmful Bid

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 16, 2021 Communications Department Teamsters Local 700 1-847-939-9700 Teamsters Local 700 President Ramon D. Williams Moves forward Against Sheriff Dart’s Harmful Bid Chicago: Once again, the Sheriff is using his emergency powers to put officers in harm’s way along with attempting to diminish your rights as officers. Teamsters Local 700 […]

Teamsters Local 700 President Ramon D. Williams Demanding Sheriff Dart Revise the Upcoming Bid Process

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 16, 2021 Communications Department Teamsters Local 700 1-847-939-9700 Teamsters Local 700 President Ramon D. Williams Demanding Sheriff Dart Revise the Upcoming Bid Process Chicago, IL: Teamsters Local 700 demands Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart revise the upcoming bid at the Cook County Department of Corrections. The reduction of bids in […]

Teamsters Local 700 Will Continue to Fight HB 3653, Calls on Governor to Veto

Brothers and Sisters, The direct efforts of Teamsters Local 700 has led to the removal of language eliminating qualified immunity and collective bargaining for peace officers in House Bill 3653. Unfortunately, the bill passed this morning in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly, winning approval in the State House by only one vote. We […]

UPDATE: Teamsters Step Up the Fight to Oppose HB 3653

The Teamsters Union is fully engaged in fighting HB 3653 (formerly HB 163), which would strip Law Enforcement Officers throughout Illinois of necessary protections like qualified immunity and greatly restrict collective bargaining rights. (Read more here) Teamsters Joint Council No. 25’s Political Department has been in contact with members of the General Assembly, and will […]

Teamsters Local 700 Opposes “Dangerous Policy Changes” of Amendment #2 to House Bill 163

Brothers and Sisters, I am writing today to keep our brave and loyal Teamsters Local 700 Law Enforcement Officers up to date on our efforts to oppose a dangerous bill being discussed right now in the Illinois General Assembly and prevent harmful portions of it from moving forward. Teamsters Local 700 is working with our […]

Resolutions filed in Illinois House and Senate to honor CCDOC Officers

State Capitol of Illinois in Springfield. State Representative Marcus C. Evans, Jr. (D-Chicago) and State Senator Omar Aquino (D-Chicago) have each filed resolutions to honor the hard work and sacrifices made by Cook County Department of Corrections Officers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The resolutions honor the six CCDOC officers and one sheriff’s deputy who lost […]

Survey Shows Sheriff’s Failure to Protect the Jail and Its Employees

A recent survey conducted by Teamsters Local 700 in reveals that Sheriff Tom Dart is failing to protect his employees inside the Cook County jail.  The survey reveals he is failing to provide Officers with Personal Protective Equipment prior to the start of their shifts, and forcing some officers to work multiple 16-hour shifts per […]

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