Benevolent Fund


The Teamsters Local 700 Benevolent Fund was created in February 2013, and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Since its inception, the Benevolent Fund has awarded relief funding to more than 100 individuals facing financial hardships. The Benevolent Fund relies entirely on donations and fundraising efforts to operate and provide assistance to public employees in need.


Once applications are submitted, qualifying applicants will be contacted to verify their information and the completed applications are reviewed by the Benevolent Fund trustees. Members can email with any questions.

Download a Benevolent Fund Application

Thank you to all of our donors for making the Benevolent Fund possible:

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
Ariel Investments, LLC
Asher, Glitter & D’Alba
Becky Strzechowski
Bill Coli
Brandon W. Phelps
Brotherhood of Maintenance Way Employee Division
Camden Law Office, LLC
Charles & Nancy DiGiovanni
Chicago Park District members
Committee to Elect Joan P. Murphy
Construction Industry
Daniel Deufel
Dennis Andrews
Friends for Mary O’Connor
Friends of Jerry Costello
George Tedeschi
Grosvenor Holdings LLC
Hartman & Associates, Inc.
HOPE Assistance Plan
IDOT members
Illinois Advocates, LLC
Illinois Tollway M-2 Garage
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Jacobs, Burn, Orlove & Hernandez
Ken Krown
Laner Muchin, LTD
Michael Ventura
National Investment Services
Orlando Ford
Rachael Picur
Robbins Geller Rudman Dowd
Sierra Investment Partners
Teamsters Joint Council 25 Women’s Committee
Teamsters Joint Council 41
Teamsters Joint Council 25
Teamsters Joint Council 26
Teamsters Joint Council 42
Teamsters Joint Council 55
Teamsters Local 299 Community Service
Teamsters Local 700 staff
Teamsters Local 710
Teamsters Local 122
Teamsters Local 142
Teamsters Local 20
Teamsters Local 202
Teamsters Local 26
Teamsters Local 31
Teamsters Local 330
Teamsters Local 50
Teamsters Local 507
Teamsters Local 703
Teamsters Local 727
Teamsters Local 731
Teamsters Local 817
Thomas G. Daly
TNBC Chicago Chapter
Toi Hutchinson