Open Letter To IL Tollway Chairman Evans

Dear Chairman Evans:

In late October 2021, more than 350 Illinois Tollway employees, represented by Teamsters Local 700, signed a petition addressing multiple issues that are negatively impacting their safety, morale, and trust in Management. 

These issues range from:

  • Failure of Executive Director Alvarez to meet with Stewards about working conditions under
  • Bad-faith bargaining by Management on issues potentially impacting job security
  • Short staffing at garages heading into the 2021 snow season, and more.

We previously shared our petition with the Board earlier this month. As a reference, we are
re-attaching those documents to this communication.

It is most important to clarify that neither Teamsters Local 700 nor our members wish to have a contentious relationship with Management. 

Indeed, we can all agree that providing the vital services commuters have come to rely on is a common goal among our positions. However, the best quality service is consistently delivered by a workforce that feels appreciated, acknowledged, and understood. 

A strong request for a meeting with you directly is now being extended in the effort to openly discuss our members’ outstanding issues with Operations and Management policies. It is now imperative that our members’ concerns are heard. There is absolutely no reason why both sides of the table cannot reach an understanding. Doing so will certainly prevent the trust that has been built with Illinois Tollway from deteriorating further. 

In closing, the details of this meeting – duration, location, and the number of participants – are something we can figure out once we have confirmed a date with your administrators.

We will continue to follow up with your office until this matter is addressed and a meeting date is confirmed. Please reach out to Business Agent Geoff Daniels to facilitate this meeting at your earliest convenience.

PH: 513-582-6682

We look forward to a constructive conversation.

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