Local 700 Communications Holiday Bulletin

Local 700 wishes you safe and Happy Holidays, from our families to yours!


Greetings Teamsters Local 700 Membership!

The Teamsters Local 700 Leadership and staff thank you for your support in 2021. We wish you safe and Happy Holidays, from our families to yours!

Over the past two years, we all have struggled through the storms of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Although specific policies regarding employment security and vaccination mandates continue to be fought through arbitration, we commend our membership for your resourcefulness. The fight continues for fair labor practices at all Local 700 represented facilities. Please subscribe to our various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin) to stay engaged in all things union solidarity.


Tressa Thomas
Director Of Communications
Teamsters Local 700

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26 Tips For Navigating The New Normal

“Wash Your Hands!”… “Stay Back 6 feet!”… “Wear Your Mask!”

Societal demands from the scientific community, media, and even friends and family to slow the spread of COVID-19 have many people on edge. Although most citizens adhere to social distancing measures, growing new social standards impede the simplest of life habits. This trend leaves many feeling like a return to ‘normal life’ is quickly fading away.

NAVIGATING THE NEW NORMAL‘ is a term circulating since early 2020. Essentially, it has become necessary to think outside the box around previously routine activities. Our friends at Talent-Dimensions.com have developed a helpful guide listing 26 strategies we all can reference to understand what the ‘New Normal’ may come to look like. Let us know in the comments which of these strategies you have already adopted or are, in the least, willing to give a shot.

  • ASK: Ask employees and colleagues how they’re doing, what’s it like for them working from home, what are they most anxious about, what’s a bright spot they hadn’t expected to see as a result of self-distancing? And don’t stop there. Ask your family members the same questions. TALK! Allow space for feelings and ideas to surface.

    BINGE: (In a good way…) Watch one of your ‘wish I had time for’ series (on the off hours, of course!) Share your list of favorite movies and shows with colleagues, teams and friends. Check out the free courses online from universities and trainings.
  • COUNT: (Your Blessings…) Even in difficult times there are many things to be grateful for. Take a moment to count them for yourself. Have friends and family members share their lists. Help your team to be open and proactive with this as well. Create a safe space for sharing.
  • DISINFECT: Yes, we have all heard that message. And it’s an important one. Wipe those surfaces down daily! The phones, the keyboards, the refrigerator door, the doorknobs and handles, the faucets, etc. And, of course, wash your hands! Remind team members to do the same.
  • EXERCISE: Exercise is always important – but even moreso when you are being asked to stay home. Step away from the desk and MOVE! Check out the multiple online sites offering workout routines – short, longer, light or intense – choose one that works best for you or simply make time to walk around. And, by all means, encourage your team to MOVE! If they don’t have standing desks at home, suggest placing screens and keyboards on boxes to avoid sitting for hours. Share what works – exchange ideas!
  • FELLOWSHIP: Find a way to bring your tribe together. Share ways to keep one another in high spirits. Now that we are able to venture out more, practice your PPE measures, but try to meet in person again. Get back to safely engaining in physical meetups & activities.
  • GOAL: Making it through each day is a big deal! Make yourself a list at the beginning of each day of what you want to accomplish. Be kind to yourself – don’t overpromise. Then check the items off as you complete each task (including exercise). Celebrate all that you accomplished at the end of the day. This is something each member of your team can do as well. And periodically, share!
  • HOPE: Never give up, never lose sight of possible positives, we always have hope. If you feel yours flagging a bit, reach out to someone in your group and talk it out. Find out what they are doing. You may be surprised at the boost just chatting can offer.
  • INFORMATION: We all want to know what’s happening. Share what you know and seek what you don’t know. This is a time for maximum transparency and honesty. Keep the lines of communication open and humming. Social distancing doesn’t mean complete isolation from one another.
  • JUDGE: Be careful and cautious about leaping to judgments about others’ actions. These are very uncertain times. Ask questions to understand intentions before assuming you know what’s behind a behavior, action or comment.
  • KUDOS: Give them out generously. Thank the folks who are on the healthcare frontlines – the people stocking the supermarket and pharmacies – the cooks preparing take-out foods – the maintenance workers still keeping the community clean – all those individuals who are making it possible for you to follow the rules!
  • LAUGH: It IS the best medicine – and it’s free! Find time to think about or check in on whatever makes you chuckle or smile. Actually, smiling has a positive physical effect on your body. Look it up! It’s true! AND smiling is contagious. When others see you smile, they’re likely to smile back. Turn on the video so others can see your smile!
  • MUSIC: Make music a part of your day. Play background music while you work. Choose the type and the tempo that best matches your style. And adjust it as you need – to build energy or to calm your nerves – music is powerful. Share this with your teams – ask what each person chose – share playlists. Another way to learn about each other.
  • NOURISH: Keep your mind, your soul and your body nourished. Pick up a good novel and dive in. Review inspirational messages that resonate with you. And don’t forget to eat – and try to balance the ‘comfort’ food with healthy stuff. Encourage your team to share recipes and meal suggestions.
  • ORGANIZE: Clean out the desk. Clean out the pantry, that closet you crammed full of stuff, the junk drawer, the files you thought you might need but don’t. Order brings calm and will help your frame of mind. Ask the team to share what “oldies” they found while decluttering their files – may be something that brings back a team memory or two.
  • PONDER: Think about what keeps you grounded. If it’s your faith or your family or your purpose – spend time every day to examine that space and re-center around it. Use what you value to keep your lens on what’s important to you. Suggest the same for your team members – and encourage sharing what’s important to them during this time.
  • QUARANTINE: Stay home if you’re sick! For your safety and the well-being of others. But being in self-imposed isolation doesn’t have to mean being alone or lonely. Stay in contact with others. Be intentional about reaching out. Let your team know that you value the casual interactions as well as the “all work” updates.
  • READ: Catch up on those articles and blogs you kept intending to read. Choose books to share electronically with colleagues and friends. Set up an online time to meet and chat about what you’re reading and what you’ve learned. Join or create a virtual book club with your team.
  • SHARE: Working virtually greatly reduces the casual interactions that a physical office offers. The quick chats over a break for coffee or while waiting for the elevator don’t happen as often. Find ways to create those spaces for one another. Use a social media vehicle to create a virtual breakroom where updates can be shared, and people can stay in touch. Share your thoughts and ask what others are thinking about.
  • TIME: View time as a gift – not a burden. Manage it carefully. Allocate the time you need to get work done, take care of yourself, take care of family and friends – and stick to it. It’s easy when things are changing so quickly to let Breaking News bulletins and scrolling newsfeeds steal your time and your attention. Stay up to date on what you need to know and create parameters for how much news you will take in and when you will absorb it. Ask your team how frequently they want or need updates from you. Recognize that individual needs may differ. Set up check-ins accordingly.
  • UNDERSTAND: Make every effort and take every opportunity to understand the unique challenges each of your employees, colleagues and friends are facing. You can’t fix everything, but you sure can listen and advise and coach. Stay in touch with your own feelings. Remember the airline instructions to first affix YOUR oxygen mask before attempting to help others. You need to understand how you’re feeling and managing. Be honest and open with others and reach out when YOU need support and a listening ear.
  • VITAMINS: Keep your immune system healthy and resilient. Take vitamins. Consume good healthy foods. Read the labels on the packages – limit the empty calories. A fun snack now and then is well deserved. But home offices can lead to more snacks than you want or need. Be cautious. Remind employees to do the same. Exchange ideas on keeping healthy and in shape.
  • WATER: Keep hydrated. Human bodies are up to 60% water. According to USGS (U.S Geological Survey) the brain and the heart are 73% water. We need water to survive and to think. Keep that water bottle handy! That goes for everyone on your team.
  • X: Solve for X! Remember that math class where you probably first heard that instruction? Well, now’s the time to use that instruction in a new way. In many ways we are in new territory. We’re living and working in ways just months ago we probably hadn’t imagined. It’s our opportunity to “solve for the X’s” that are out there. And there are many. Think of new ways to work – new ways to cope – new ways to manage – new ways to not just survive – but to thrive! Share your ideas. Ideas shared tend to grow and generate even more great solutions more X’s!
  • YOGA: Never considered it? Try it! A yoga master? Share your tips! Whether you want to take it to the limit or simply want to practice mindful breathing, there are hundreds and hundreds of people ready to help you get started. And if yoga isn’t your thing, find another way to relax and decompress. Meditation, power naps, nature walks – whatever works! And encourage employees to find what works for them and to share what they’re doing.
  • ZOOM: Zoom in to what others are doing. Have video conferences and chats – and turn on the camera! Don’t allow social distancing to separate you from others. Yes, you may need to be more planful and intentional and deliberate about keeping in touch, but it is essential that you stay connected – for your sake and for others. Have a plan. Keep your networks alive and kicking!

WINTER STORMS are coming!

Extreme winter weather is responsible for hundreds of accidents & casualties in the US each year, primarily due to vehicle crashes, heater fires, overexertion, and exposure. Click HERE for helpful terms & tips to get ahead of the storms this holiday season. (Courtesy of Ready. Illinois. Gov.)

… Are YOU or a fellow member at your job site retiring soon? If so, send us the details so that we may offer our sincerest congratulations! We look forward to acknowledging our future retirees and sending our warmest regards to a successful and well-earned retirement!

We will need the following:
– Member’s NAME


Members have the right to request an exemption from mandatory vaccination based on a qualifying medical or religious exemption.  Medical and religious exemption forms are available below:

If you submit a request for a medical or religious exemption, be sure to keep a copy of the form you submitted for your records. 

Local 700 reserves the right to pursue any violations of the collective bargaining agreement, violations of the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, and any other violations of state or federal law.  Local 700, COUPE and other unions meet regularly to discuss all legal options towards existing and proposed policies. Local 700 will continue to provide updates as new developments are released. 

Members with questions should contact their business agent at (847) 939-9700.

TEAMSTERS LOCAL 700 | 1300 W. Higgins Road, Suite 301, Park Ridge, IL 60068 | PH: 847-939-9700 info@teamsters local700.com

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