Teamsters Congratulates County Club Hills Public Works on Major Arbitration Win

Teamsters Local 700 is proud to announce that the Union has secured a settlement with the Country Club Hills Public Works Department on behalf of our members. The Union filed several grievances on behalf of our members at the Country Club Hills Public Works Department. Specifically, the employer refused to pay our members the agreed-upon raises and uniform allowances causing Teamsters Local 700 to take a hard stance against the employer. Before appearing before an arbitrator, Teamsters representatives compelled the employer to pay both uniform allowances, and pay raises fully retroactively. “This is a great win for our members with Country Club Hills Public Works Department. While members endured the dangers of a pandemic, inclement weather, and other hazards to keep the citizens of Country Club Hills safe, the employer flatly ignored its contractual obligations to them. It was unacceptable,” said Teamsters Local 700 Secretary-Treasurer Anthony McGee. “We congratulate our members on standing united and for their participation in the process.”

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