Teamsters Local 700 and the Coalition of Unionized Public Employees Met to Discuss Workers’ Rights and Mandatory Vaccinations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 3, 2021

Communications Department

Teamsters Local 700


Teamsters Local 700 and the Coalition of Unionized Public Employees Meet to Discuss Workers’ Rights And Mandatory VaccinationsChicago, IL-

On Friday, August 27th, attorneys for Teamsters Local 700 met with the Coalition of Unionized Public Employees (COUPE) to discuss the threat of mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for Public Employees.
The coalition, comprised of Teamsters and other trade unions, met to establish a baseline of member rights and demands during the ongoing pandemic and proposed prevention measures such as forced vaccinations by the City of Chicago.

Discussions were “intense and productive,” said Ramon Williams, President of Teamsters Local 700. “Together, the coalition drafted protective language on behalf of Teamsters and all other unionized public employees. The proposal sets up rules and guidelines to maintain workers’ health and safety in the workplace without infringing on members’ rights.

“Teamsters Local 700 has taken the position that COVID-19 vaccinations should remain the member’s choice,” continued Williams,  “The Union has sent Demand to Bargain letters to all employers, including the City of Chicago, that has issued a vaccine mandate to our members. Under Illinois labor laws, employers must maintain the status quo until an agreement is reached or the parties are at an impasse. Therefore, the Union will continue to fight for members’ rights to choose whether or not to be vaccinated. In addition, the Union will pursue any legal means available including the filing of Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges should any employer violate the Illinois Labor Relations Act.” 

In the meantime, we ask members to check Teamsters Local 700 social media or our website for updates. And we encourage members; to take every precaution to stay healthy and safe as we enter the flu season and cases of Covid-19 continue to rise.

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