City of Chicago member John Norman shares stories about his nephew, 24-year-old Olympic Sprinter, Michael Norman. 

John works for the City of Chicago and hails from the Ridge and 43rd  area of Chicago. He has always been involved in his nephews’ life as a source of support and counsel. Michael started out running as a small child, coached by his father, Michael Norman Sr., and his mother, Nobue Norman, who were also athletes.

“He’s been running since he was little,” John remembers. “Two years ago, he came by the house, and at the time he still had this frame that wasn’t solid because he was so young. He’d been running against older more experienced athletes in competition and placed first in the preliminary, but when it came time for the ‘money race’ he lost. I asked him what happened. He said, “I was tired.” Because he was so young, he had given it his all in the first race while the older experience athletes held back some energy for the final race. But that’s how he is, he runs his heart out.” But Michael has come a long way in the last two years. He has learned patience, endurance, and hard work from his parents and his Teamster Uncle John.

John proudly mentioned, “Now he holds the World Record for the Indoor 400m coming in at 44.52 seconds. He already set the Outdoor World Record for the 400m in 2019 coming in at 43.45 seconds. It’s in the blood.”

John is excited and bursting with pride that he and his brother will be traveling next week to Tokyo to support Michael’s “quest for the gold” in the 2021 Olympics. “They already told us he’s running August 4th, 5th, and 6th so we have the schedule and location of all the events.”

We encourage all of our Teamsters Local 700 family to tune in and cheer Michael on. He will appreciate our love and support, even from over 6000 miles away!

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