CCDOC Wins with Local 700

Brothers and Sisters,

As President of Teamsters Local 700, it is my great honor to announce that we have succeeded in our hard-fought campaign to secure union representation at CCDOC. The vote for Teamster representation was clear, an overwhelming 984 to 598 votes for Local 700.

I want to thank every officer for voting in this election. Whether you voted for the Teamsters or not, your participation in this election is a testament to your commitment to a better future at CCDOC.

Since the start of the pandemic last spring, you and your fellow officers stood strong in our fight for justice—against the County, the Sheriff and the opposition forces looking to divide our union for their own gain. By making your voices heard, you have ensured real union representation at CCDOC.

In my three decades of being a Teamster, I have never been prouder than today. Together, CCDOC officers stood strong and united to ensure a better future. Your determination has brought pride to the entire union, and your perseverance will continue to serve us in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Thanks to this election victory, I truly believe we are stronger than ever before. The overwhelming support for Teamsters Local 700 will bring correctional officers even more power to win the safety, protections, wages and benefits under a new Teamster contract.

We are more united than ever, and we’ve come too far to sit on the sidelines now. We encourage all CCDOC officers to come together and join us in our continued fight at CCDOC.

Congratulations again for your incredible victory today, and always remember – there is strength in numbers.

In solidarity,

Ramon D. Williams

President of Teamsters Local 700

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