FLLA Confesses That They’re Rainmakers for Disparti Law

Rainmaker; (noun) a person who brings clients, business and money to their law firm.

FLLA’s Board released a statement on Facebook bragging that they will send Officers Injury-On-Duty cases to Disparti Law. What kind of Union doesn’t have their own internal legal team? And why do Officers have to share their settlement with Disparti Law when they’ve paid dues for representation?

Teamsters have been saying it for months, but to hear it straight from FLLA is unbelievable. Add to that the fact that FLLA cherry-picks the cases they will take to arbitration. So, that 29-day suspension you got unfairly may not be challenged if FLLA’s “Grievance Review Committee,” sees and easier win. And you would be paying your dues for the privilege of being ignored by FLLA.

Meanwhile, it is standard operating procedure for the Teamsters to take every grievance case to arbitration. Every Officer deserves a union that won’t back down. The Teamsters fight for every Officer to the end, no matter how small the grievance. 

We are a real union with real power. 

Since Jan. 1, 2020 Teamsters Local 700 has handled thousands of grievances, many of those resulting in significant wins for Officers. Teamsters fight to the finish to make sure the administration knows they can’t walk all over Officers. 

Teamsters Local 700.

Real Union, Real Results.

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