CCDOC Tentative Agreement Reins In the Sheriff’s Pandemic Powers

Tentative Agreement Puts Time Limit & Other Restrictions on Emergency Provision

“When COVID-19 hit, the emergency provision allowed the Sheriff to move people with no plan or method. It was disorganized and it caused a lot of stress and hardship for the officers. Even veteran officers with close to 30 years were displaced. It was unfair. The new contract respects seniority and limits how long the Sheriff can declare an emergency. The negotiating team is working hard to lock in checks and balances on the Sheriff’s powers.”

Rekeenya Brown, Steward, Transportation Unit

The chaos that ensued after Sheriff Dart began opening up buildings and moving officers at will should never be allowed to happen again. Teamsters Local 700 has reached a tentative agreement with the Sheriff that  limits on how long he can declare an emergency, and that any extension of that period d requires Officers’ approval. The TA also forces the Sheriff to make any moves using inverse-seniority order, starting with the least senior Officers.

Old Contract: The Emergency Provision gave the Sheriff’s Office unbridled authority to do whatever they saw fit with the operations of the jail during a state of emergency.

New Contract: The Sheriff’s Office must use inverse-seniority throughout the entire bargaining unit when making emergency-related moves.

The Emergency Provision is now separated into two types of categories.

  1. Active War/Pandemic/Public Health Crisis – Allows CCSO to declare for only a limited period of time; if the Sheriff wants to move Officers, union has right to challenge the Sheriff’s decisions through expedited arbitration process
  2. All other minor emergencies – CCSO can only declare an emergency for up to 120 days, and it can only be extended for 90 days with the approval of the unit.

Keeping the Sheriff in Check

Teamsters Local 700 has been working around-the-clock to fight for provisions in the new contract that  rein in the Sheriff’s authority in emergency situations, and protect the seniority and safety of all Officers. There is more ground to gain, and the fight for fair treatment and better working conditions is far from over. We are only able to make such great progress with the non-economic tentative agreement because when we unite as one voice, it is impossible for the Sheriff to ignore us.

Real Union. Real Results.

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