CCDOC Tentative Agreement Knocks Down Outrageous Call-In Time

Sheriff Dart’s 3-hour call-in time policy was totally unreasonable and a major detriment to the health of CCDOC Officers. Teamsters Local 700 has secured a tentative agreement to reduce the call-in time from three hours, down to two, with the goal of eventually bringing that time back down to one hour.

Old contract Officers were required to call in three hours prior to the start of their shift.

New contract: Officers will only be required to call in two hours prior to the start of their shift. 

“The Sheriff’s 3-hour medical call-in time caused so many problems for Officers and our families and I’m glad that it has been reduced. I’m 110% behind this Teamsters Negotiating Committee not only because they were able to bring the call-in time down from three hours to two hours, but because they know the job is not finished. We gained ground, but we’re going to keep pushing for more.”

Derrick Harris, Steward – Kitchen

Local 700 has been working tirelessly at the bargaining table to reduce the Sheriff’s ability to hold Officers captive to their own contract. There is more ground to gain, and the fight for fair treatment and better working conditions is far from over. We are only able to make such great progress with the non-economic tentative agreement because when we unite as one voice, it is impossible for the Sheriff to ignore us.

Teamsters Local 700

Real Union. Real Results.

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