Tentative Agreement on New Seniority Policy Restores Respect for CCDOC Officers

The days of disrespecting the rights and seniority of dedicated CCDOC Officers are over. Teamsters Local 700 has secured a tentative agreement that will honor the years of service and commitment of Corrections Officers, and make time worked at the jail the sole factor in determining seniority.  

Old Contract: Seniority was calculated based on your years of service as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

New Contract: If you come to work at the jail the only time that will count towards your seniority will be the time spent working at the jail. If you’ve never worked at the jail, you’ll start with no seniority. If you’ve previously worked at the jail then the time you left with will be the time you start with.

“It just wasn’t fair that Court Services Deputies were able to keep their seniority when they came over to the jail. That allows them to leapfrog ahead of so many CCDOC Officers when it comes to bids, vacation, and other things. This was a huge issue for a lot of Officers, and I’m very happy the negotiating team was able to fix it and win CCDOC Officers the respect we deserve.”

Andre Williams, CCDOC Steward, Div. II

Local 700 has worked tirelessly since negotiations started in August 2020 to fight for a contract that places CCDOC Officers first. The seniority policy is one of many issues the Teamsters successfully addressed in the non-economic tentative agreement reached in March. When we stand together as Teamsters, we have the power to win respect and bring about real change.

Teamsters Local 700

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