Teamsters Win Long Fight Over Roll Call Bonus, Secure Early Payment of Upcoming Bonus

Teamsters Local 700 is pleased to announce that the December 2020 Roll Call Bonus has finally been paid to hard-working Officers at CCDOC. 

In addition to securing these payments, Teamsters Local 700 demanded and forced the Sheriff’s Office to pay the June 2021 Roll Call Bonus on April 30, to offset the financial impact of having delayed the December payment.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is notorious for tardy Roll Call Bonus payouts, but Local 700 has turned up the pressure on the County and threatened legal action for breaking the collective bargaining agreement.

“We are pleased that these bonuses have been paid and we have a plan in place to ensure that this delay won’t happen again. We are introducing a proposal in negotiations that would require the Sheriff and the County to pay a penalty to all our members for each week that any payment is late,” says Business Agent Anthony McGee.

Teamsters Local 700 is far from finished fighting for our Officers. We are determined to hold Cook County accountable and fight for every last dollar that is owed to our members.  

Real Union. Real Results. 

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