Tentative Agreement on New Home Check Policy Eliminates Unnecessary Harassment

“What we’ve done with this tentative agreement is drastically reduce how and when the Sheriff can use his home check policy. The new policy we have negotiated is an enormous improvement and will make a drastic difference for us at CCDOC. This is a huge win for every officer on the compound.” 

Steve Gluszek, CCDOC Officer, Cermak

Sheriff Dart’s days of undermining CCDOC officers through an abusive, intrusive home check policy are finally over. Teamsters Local 700 has secured a tentative agreement that will put an end to the demeaning procedure currently in place. Once ratified, the new home check language will significantly reduce the application of home checks. 

Old Contract: Any time officers call off, for any reason, they are subject to home check. 

New Contract: Officers are subject to home checks under the following circumstances:

  • Three or more instances of calling in with less than eight hours medical time (earn and burn) within a rolling 60-day calendar.
  • Three or more instances of calling in conjunction with a scheduled benefit day within a 60-day rolling calendar.
  • Three or more instances of calling in the same day of the week within a 60-day rolling calendar.
  • Or on any of the 12 department designated days (the union will be notified at least 48 hours in advance).

No More Aggravation. No More Anxiety. No More Intruding on Officers’ Privacy.   

Since negotiations started in August 2020, Local 700 has worked tirelessly at the bargaining table to reduce the Sheriff’s ability to exploit officers’ rights. The home check policy is one of many critical issues that the Teamsters successfully addressed in the non-economic tentative agreement reached in March. By standing as Teamsters, CCDOC officers have made change and won respect. 

Real Union. Real Results. 

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