Thanks to Local 700 Members Who Ran for Election

It takes courage and dedication for an individual to enter a political race. We are very proud of Local 700 members who ran for office in 2021. Entering into politics shows a rare desire to effect positive change and the courage to risk failure. So, regardless of the office for which they ran or the outcome of those elections, we recognize their professionalism, bravery, and fortitude. We thank and congratulate the following members on races well run:

Vera Bettis, City of Blue Island IL

Christopher Hodges, Village of Burnham IL

Marcia Hollis-Bratcher, Village of Hazelcrest

Daniel “Danny” Maldonado, Village Westchester IL

Kenneth Mojo Muldrow, Markham, IL

Miacole Nelson, Calumet City

George Soto, Village of Bellwood IL

John Wicks, Village of Bellwood IL

Your strength and devotion to your community deserves recognition. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay United.

Teamsters Local 700

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