Local 700 Urges Members to Contact their Senators to Vote PRO (H.R. 842) Union

Teamsters know better than anyone that freedom needs constant protection. The right to organize and demand fair treatment from an employer is one of our cherished American rights.

Currently, there is an Act up for a vote in Congress called “PRO”: Protect the Right to Organize. This act protects our rights from employers who only care about the bottom line and windfall profits for their shareholders. In the last several years, anti-worker and racist right-to-work laws have been passed in 27 states alone! Inequality is resurging in our country, denying workers a voice on the job. Whether you work for the city, county, or state, your rights and dignity need to be defended against abuse.

The PRO Act is the most aggressive worker empowerment legislation since the Great Depression. It provides for civil rights and economic stimulus. The House passed the PRO Act on March 9th of this year and President Biden is eager to sign the bill when it lands on his desk. All we need to do is make sure our elected senators vote ‘yes.’ You can help by contacting your senator and letting them know you are PRO Worker and they should be, too. They need to vote ‘Yes’ on the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (H.R. 842)

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay United.

Local 700

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