Brothers and Sisters of Law Enforcement, families of Law Enforcement, and friends of Law Enforcement:

Illinois House Representatives Restorative Justice Committee has voted on House Bill 1727. This creates the Bad Apples in Law Enforcement Accountability Act of 2021, which ends qualified immunity for all members of Law Enforcement in the State of Illinois. It singles out Law Enforcement by exposing them to frivolous lawsuits while protecting other public employees, including elected officials, through qualified immunity.

Officers face overwhelming scrutiny and criticism on a daily basis. If this bill becomes law, in addition to performing their jobs with all of the stresses that go along with it, Officers will also have to worry about being sued and losing their savings or even their homes. Teamsters Local 700 opposes HB1727 and hopes that you will also make your voice heard.

Your elected officials need to hear from you. They need to hear how this legislation threatens public safety. They need to hear how this legislation will cripple professional Law Enforcement Officers’ ability to do their jobs.


Please contact your State of Illinois Representative. Don’t know who is your State Representative? Go to the Illinois State Board of Elections:

Find My Elected Officials (

When you locate your Representative, go to the General Assembly Website:

Illinois General Assembly – House Members (

Contact them at their district office by telephone or email. Please let them know your status as either a member of Law Enforcement, a family member of Law Enforcement or a friend of Law Enforcement and that you are against HB1727.

As we continue to fight to protect our Law Enforcement members, we urge Officers to take advantage of the Teamster Legal Defense Fund. It’s available to all Teamsters Local 700 Law Enforcement Officers and the premiums are covered 100% by Local 700. This fund provides legal coverage for incidents while you’re acting in the capacity of a Law Enforcement Officer on, or off-duty. Contact the Union by phone or email to join.

Thank you for keeping us safe!

Teamsters Local 700

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