Motor Truck Driver Saves a Life

Not only do our reliable Drivers brave the elements and work tirelessly; when they see someone in trouble, they do not hesitate to help out.

City of Chicago Motor Truck Driver Daniel Magnanenzi works on the Investigator Truck in Water Management, where a regular day means going on 10 to 15 service calls across the city. But on one particular day, help was needed much closer to home, when his partner collapsed while they were on a break. Using the CPR training Daniel had received when he was working as a Driver in Aviation, he performed chest compressions until the paramedics arrived, enabling them to save his partner’s life.

“I’m just glad I was there with him.” Said Mr. Magnanenzi, when recalling the experience. “It’s exciting to think about now, but at the time, I was extremely terrified.”

Brother Magnanenzi has been a Teamster since 2013. He started out as a Driver in Streets and Sanitation, then switched to Aviation, then onto Water Management. He most appreciates the fact that his fellow Teamsters have always helped him out on the job. 

“The Teamster community is very helpful.” He says. “Whenever I had questions, they were happy to go out of their way to answer them. I’ve never had a bad experience with another Teamster.”

Local 700 is proud of Daniel Magnanenzi and all who go that extra mile. 

Stay Strong. Stay Safe. Stay United.

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