Stickney Fire Department Fights Multiple-Alarm Fire

On November 5, 2020, our members at the Stickney Fire Department fought a multiple-alarm fire at a junk yard in Stickney. Several other fire departments were called in to help extinguish this huge fire, including the Chicago Fire Department, which sent two fire boats from a nearby river to assist. 

The brave firefighters of Stickney not only battle flames, they also provide many other duties: ambulance service, checking fire detectors in homes, giving lectures on fire safety, and instructing teachers on first aid. The fire station also has personnel on duty at all times to take care of walk-in patients and aid in quick response for emergencies.

We commend the men and women who bravely serve the Village of Stickney. Thank you for your service as first responders and essential workers.

Stay Strong. Stay Safe. Stay United.

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