Meet the CCDOC Teamsters Bargaining Team

As negotiations continue at CCDOC, the rank-and-file Teamster members and stewards on the bargaining team wanted to update their fellow officers on the fight to bring change under a strong union contract. Below you’ll find information about each committee member, including what divisions they have worked while at the jail and what they’re fighting for in negotiations. Together, with union staff, they will be sitting across the table to negotiate our next collective bargaining agreement. Thanks to your input, we are well on our way to winning the fairness and respect all officers deserve on the job!

“In these contract negotiations, we’re looking for monetary compensation, to maintain status quo when it comes to insurance, and to remedy the home check situation. Ultimately, we are fighting to improve the contract so that it’s more beneficial to all officers.”

—TYRONE FELIX, CCDOC Officer since 2000 | Local 700 Steward | Maximum Security & Acute Psychiatric-

“The thing in the contract that is most pressing is the home checks. Home checks are an invasion of our privacy. Not only does it affect us, it affects the people in our family that have to go to work or school the next day. Home checks are wrong on every level and we are fighting to eradicate them in this contract.”

-BILL HOGUIESSON, CCDOC Officer since 2006 | Local 700 Steward | Division IV RTU, Cermak ,
RCDC & Laundry-

“The administration has little regard for how officers are treated. Constant mandations, home checks, and other policies have destroyed the health and morale of CCDOC Officers. It’s time we fight back, and we do that by standing united against our employer, and negotiating strong contract reforms.”

-ED KERN, CCDOC Officer since 2001| Local 700 Steward | Division IX, Cermak & Movement Team-

“A lot of officers get picked on or treated unfairly by staff, and it’s my job to stand up for them and make sure they’re treated fairly. I am proud to be a Teamster because they support us, they’re here for us and are giving us the resources we need to fight for our rights against the administration. The contract is a huge part of that fight.”

-ARCENIO PIZANA, CCDOC Officer since 2003 | Local 700 Steward | Division VIII, X & Old RTU-

“In my 22 years at the DOC, we’ve achieved many wins and a lot of them have been because of the Teamsters. Like the Teamsters, the CCDOC officers are a family. I rely on my CCDOC family, and they rely on me. Right now, it’s all about fighting the administration for a contract that makes officer safety and well-being a priority.”

-DARRIN POLK, CCDOC Officer since 1998 | Local 700 Steward | Division VIII, X, XI, RTU & Receiving-

“In negotiations, we are asking for home checks to be off the table. That violates our rights, that’s more harassment that we don’t need as CCDOC Officers. Our work environment is stressful enough, and then to have that happen on a day when you are sick and need rest is just ridiculous.”

-MIKE TELLEZ, CCDOC Officer since 2013 | Local 700 Steward |Division IX & VI-

“My mission as a steward is to help out my fellow officers, and right now the focus is to do that through the new contract. We want changes to some of the ridiculous policies like home checks and the medical call-in time.”

CCDOC Officer since 2011 | Local 700 Steward | Division I, X, XI, RCDC & Cermak-

“These contract negotiations are going to be challenging, to say the least. We want to fix the home check and medical call-in situation. We want better working conditions and safety for our officers. Our outside units are doing a lot more, as far as street preparation, especially with the environment that we’re in. Given the circumstances we’re in right now, we need to protect our people as much as
we can. ”

-JOHN VISVARDIS, CCDOC Officer since 2003 | Local 700 Steward | Division XI, V, ART & RCDC-

“It’s important that we fight for pay raises and to eliminate home checks and revise the call-in time. I support the Bargaining Team because they are listening and adhering to the needs of the members as a whole and addressing the REAL issues at hand and NOT sugar coating ANYTHING.”

– JEVON BATES, CCDOC Officer since 2003 | Local 700 Steward | Division I, V, VI, IX, Cermak-

“The Teamsters give us the best chance to have a better life here at CCDOC, because they have everything it takes to be a great union. They have the backing, the people, the know-how. They help us when we need it, unlike other ‘fake unions’, the Teamsters have the power to get stuff done, and not be some fly-by-night union.”

-DAVID KEHOE, CCDOC Officer since 2005 | Local 700 Steward | Division V, X, IX, Cermak, Receiving-

“Working in Electronic Monitoring, it’s most important to me that our investigators get a fair shake. Investigators have different concerns than other units. One of the most important issues is safety since we’re out in the streets, and we need to make sure the administration does not force us to go into neighborhoods as one-man teams. It’s imperative we go in with a partner. As a steward, it’s my job to make sure our investigators work in a safe and secure environment.”

-TYRONE MCGHEE, CCDOC Officer since 1994 | Local 700 Steward | Division VIII, X, Receiving, EM-

“Every issue is important for these contract negotiations. I’m confident this bargaining team can make substantial gains in the new contract. I feel this team is the greatest bunch of guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and getting to know personally.”

-JOHN SCHMIDT, CCDOC Officer since 2006 | Local 700 Steward | Division III, VIII, XI, RCDC-

“I support the Teamsters because they have a lot of backing. A small upstart union is not what we need right now with everything that’s going on with the administration and our contract negotiations. The Teamsters bargaining team and their top notch legal team is fighting hard to over the important issues like home checks, medical call-ins, and protecting seniority.”

-MELISSA MOLINA, CCDOC Officer since 2012 | Local 700 Steward | Division I, IV, V, XI-

“It’s important to me being part of the bargaining team to ensure that Officers are being given more credit for the hard work and dedication they bring everyday. Teamsters has come in strong and shown the administration they are furious that Officers are being pushed to their limits on a daily basis with little to no recognition. I feel if we all stand together we can make the improvements needed to get a fair contract.”

-ASHLEY CHURCHILL, CCDOC Officer since 2017 | Local 700 Steward | Division IV, V, X-

“I try to help officers the best of my abilities, and making sure they’re protected and not cheated out of anything. I like how the Teamsters put Officers first. They’re looking out for our wellbeing. We’re in a very trying time, and they’re helping us fight for gains not just in the short term, but they’re looking at the big picture too.”

-LOUIS HOVEL, CCDOC Officer since 2003 | Local 700 Steward | Division IX, Ex Ops, ERT-

“My main focus is working for the restoration of the integrity of our department. This bargaining team in place is the strongest I’ve seen in my 22 years around. A lot of people are looking for an answer like FLLA, but the Teamsters have the backing. You can’t fight such a large entity like the county without some serious backing. The entire Local, Joint Council, and IBT are in involved in our fight. You see the difference.”

-PAUL CRAWFORD, CCDOC Officer since 1998 | Local 700 Steward | Division II, V, IX, Receiving-

“Safety, Home Checks, and parking at Stroger are just a few of the issues we’re fighting for. The Teamsters are the most prepared for this fight. Our attorney Stuart Davidson is very thorough. I think we can get a fair shake with him more than anyone else.”

-ANTHONY LOTT, CCDOC Officer since 2007 | Local 700 Steward | Division V, IX, XI, EX-Ops, Movement Team-

“The most important issues with this current contract have to do with the Administration consistently violating the parts of contract that benefits the Members, including Seniority, Bids, Roll Call pay, and Max Pay, and being overzealous with the abuse of the parts of the contract that harms the members like home checks, 3-hour call in, and mandation. I support the Teamsters Bargaining Team because of how diverse, experienced, and motivated this group of Teamsters are to negotiate the best contract possible for our fellow current and future membership.”

-CHANTE HALL, CCDOC Officer since 2011 | Local 700 Steward | Division I, VI, IX, XI, ART Unit-

“Protecting officers from an administration that clearly doesn’t care about our well-being is my priority. I want to keep our health insurance where it’s at, and fight for changes to mandation policy. As long as we stand strong together as officers the Teamsters know how to harness that power and make it work to our advantage!”

-STEVE GLUSZEK, CCDOC Officer since 2005 | Local 700 Steward | Division I, III, VIII, IX, XI, Cermak-

“I wanted to get involved with negotiations because of my compassion and love for my fellow officers. I want to make sure they’re treated fairly, especially since the Pandemic has caused more problems. We have to fight for our officers, and together we can make it better, and we’ll do that with the support of the Teamsters.”

-REKEENYA BROWN, CCDOC Officer since 1999 | Local 700 Steward | Division V, Ex-Ops, Transportation-

“We need to correct some things in the contract that the old slate gave away, they took away our freedoms when they agreed to home checks, and gave away premium pay. I feel there were a lot of underhanded deals made by Mark Robinson and his people. I want to put officers in a stronger position when it comes to dealing with the county. A lot of the allegations against the new slate are unfounded. The new slate is really working with officers’ best interests in mind.”

-LEWIS SMITH, CCDOC Officer since 1995 | Local 700 Steward | Division I, IV, VI, XI, RCDC, RTU, Transport-

“Home checks are a big issue, the pandemic emergency clause really needs to be worded, and pay regarding working with max security inmates needs to be defined better. Regardless of where you work, if you work with a max tier inmate you should get the max pay. Teamsters have been around for a long time, and they can represent us because they’re so big. I feel better about them going up against the county, vs. another entity coming in without that experience.”

-AYESHA BROWN, CCDOC Officer since 2005 | Local 700 Steward | Division I, VI, IV III/VII, V, X, Ex-Ops-

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