Big Win for University Park Police Sergeant

Teamsters Local 700 won an arbitration award for Sergeant Scott Glowinke, who has been on the job for 23 years; 18 of those with the University Park Police Department. Years ago, he joined Local 700, whose representation, he believes, is better than his former union’s. 

Local 700 Business Agent, Rosalind Tennent, has worked tirelessly on his case. “Scott is a dedicated and hard worker.” Says Ms. Tennent. “Teamsters Local 700 worked diligently to represent him and get him all that he deserved.”

Sgt. Glowinke is glad to be back to work. “I’m elated to be back on the job, where I belong. I’ve been doing this type of work since I was a cadet.” 

Brother Glowinke has been fully reinstated, with all benefits, seniority, and most of his backpay. “I’m just happy I’m back,” he says. “I’m putting it all behind me and moving forward.”

Stay Strong. Stay Safe. Stay United.

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