A Day in the Life of an Equipment Dispatcher

There’s never a dull moment for an Equipment Dispatcher in Streets and Sanitation.  A typical day begins with ringing phones that continues throughout the 8-hour shift. A dispatcher’s time is filled with communicating with city departments as well as civilians with vehicle-related inquiries; a common one being, “where’s my car!?!”  

Gail Gordon handles each of her calls with grace and tact. Her favorite part of the job is helping people. Oftentimes, when someone calls about their car being towed, they’re very angry at first, but with infinite patience and a peaceful manner, Ms. Gordon is able to calm them down, letting them know “I’m here to work with you.” They’re often very relieved when she is able to help locate their vehicle. 

Ms. Gordon is busy for her entire 8-hour shift, and says she’s “pretty much used to it.” She’s figured out some coping mechanisms. “The drive home calms me down. I put on a Pandora station, listen to music.” Another secret? “Lipton Stress-Free tea.” 

Sister Gordon has been a Teamster for 25 years and she’s very active in the union. “We’re Teamster strong. I never had an issue where Teamsters didn’t have my back.” She has also been a member of the National Black Caucus for 3 years.

We are proud to have someone as kind, intelligent, and hardworking as Ms. Gordon in the ranks of Teamsters Local 700.

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