Local 700 Wins Hazard Bonus for Officers at the Cook County Jail

Huge news: Every CCDOC Corrections Officer will receive a $1,250 hazard pay bonus—all together, that’s $3.75 million dollars for members who have put so much on the line to protect our community.

This bonus is a major win. And as we continue to bargain our new contract, we’ll be working to deliver contractually-guaranteed hazard pay. Help spread the news—share this graphic with your colleagues on social media.

The hazard pay bonus shows the power of solidarity. For months, we’ve stood firm to demand hazard pay for every officer. We’ve worked in special sessions, in contract bargaining and using public pressure on Sheriff Dart and Cook County Board President Preckwinkle.Cook County has consistently claimed there was no money to provide hazard pay for every officer.

Thanks to the collaboration between Teamsters Local 700, Joint Council 25 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, we were able to prove that money provided through the CARES Act COULD be used for hazard pay—this bonus is a direct result of that teamwork and the advocacy of our members. Solidarity works. It takes time, it takes persistence, it takes dedication, but when we stand together we have tremendous power to improve our working conditions and our lives. Share this victory now.

This hazard pay bonus is just the beginning. We’re making real progress at the bargaining table on the issues that matter to officers: reining in home checks, limiting the Sheriff’s “emergency powers,” seniority protections and much more. We’ll be finalizing the details of this bonus in negotiations next week. We expect the payment to arrive a few weeks before Christmas.

In unity,

Ramon Williams

President, Teamsters Local 700

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