Workers Protected in 2021 City Budget

Over the weekend, the Chicago Federation of Labor and Mayor Lori Lightfoot reached an agreement to avert layoffs of Chicago’s public workers in the proposed 2021 City of Chicago budget. This is a huge win for the people of Chicago who depend on city services and the dedicated workers who provide them.

Click here to tell the Chicago City Council to pass the 2021 City of Chicago Budget!

Chicago public workers have been on the job since this pandemic began, often risking their own health and safety to ensure this city keeps running. These are 911 operators, streets and sanitation employees, public health experts, skilled tradespeople, and many, many more.

As a city, and as a nation, we owe these brave workers a debt of gratitude for their extraordinary work during this unimaginable crisis. Many of these workers have contracted COVID-19. Sadly, some of them have passed away.

Approving this pandemic budget is the right step for Chicago. This budget protects our services and protects our workers while making the tough choices necessary to stabilize our city’s finances. 

Please, join us in urging the City Council to approve this budget, and continue to move this city forward. 

Stay Strong. Stay Safe. Stay United.

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