City of Chicago Hires Pool Motor Truck Drivers

CHICAGO – Over the past few weeks, Local 700 Business Agents, Harold Irving and Greg Ortiz, attended multiple orientation sessions for newly-hired Pool Motor Truck Drivers (PMTDs). These sessions were designed by the City of Chicago to acclimate the first-time PMTDs with various policies and procedures associated with their assignments. Their work season is scheduled to end in the spring of 2021, at which time they will be assigned a pool number and placed in the pool until next season.

In these orientations, our Business Agents provided an opportunity for new PTMDs to join Teamsters Local 700, give them important information about the local, and answer any questions they may have about the union. Many of them are new to being union members and expressed interest in the benefits of being represented by a union.

The hiring process will continue until the Department of Streets and Sanitation reach their hiring goal of 180 PMTDs for this winter season. “These drivers play an important role supporting our full-time drivers in keeping garbage picked up and streets plowed in Chicago through the winter” said Business Agent Greg Ortiz.

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