Happy Columbus Day from Pres. Ramon D. Williams and Teamsters Local 700

The Columbus Day holiday has caused much deliberation lately. Many wonder if the conflict and injustice which had birthed this great nation deserves to be celebrated. But one thing we must remember is that without those struggles and hardships, none of us would be here.

The Brotherhood of Teamsters is a prime example of the diversity in America today. Our brotherhood represents all races, colors, religions, and genders; a factor which also has made our nation powerful and always-evolving.

Each of our members is exceptional. Teamsters embrace their differences. The trappings of outward appearance fall away in the face of duty and brotherhood. 

What our members have in common is the high level of professionalism to which they hold themselves. During these trying times, Teamsters pull forward not only to survive but to thrive!

Happy Columbus Day

Teamsters Local 700

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