Teamsters Call Out Dorothy Brown’s Office for Poor COVID-19 Protection Among Rising Cases

WBBM 780 News Reporter Nancy Harty reached out to Teamsters Local 700 Vice President Anthony McGee to ask about the rising cases of COVID-19 within the Cook County Clerks Office. Several Teamsters have tested positive for COVID-19 this week, which brings the total number of cases at the Clerk’s Office to 40, three of whom have died. 

McGee told Harty that the Clerk’s Office is simply not protecting its staff. Employees are not being given enough access to PPE, and what is more alarming is that McGee believes that the Clerk’s Office is not telling them about those employees who have come into contact with those who have tested positive. 

“The mere fact that it’s less information than early on, as well as the delays in receiving information, became concerning to us.” States McGee.

Harty also asked McGee about the alleged deep cleanings the Clerk’s Office claims they’ve been performing.  

“They have laid certain ‘traps’ to see if those things would be cleaned up once the Clerk’s Office reported a deep scale cleaning and, 100% of the time, that hasn’t happened.”

WBBM 60 Seconds Interview About with Anthony McGee Covid-19 and Cook County Clerks
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