Local 700 Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against JTDC

As a result of the bad faith exhibited by Superintendent Dixon and his administration, Local 700 filed an Unfair Labor Practice Charge concerning the suspension of pre-scheduled benefit time and vacation.  Members will be kept informed of the status of this charge. In addition, Local 700 had been drafting an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the JTDC for refusing for the past two years to implement shift differentials. Explanations for their negligence could no longer be accepted. In response, JTDC apologized for the delay and has created the shift differential. They will complete a one-week test, beginning this week, followed by feedback gathered from September 21 through September 25. Changes will be made based on the responses gathered from the test week. Barring no major issues, management anticipates that the pay will appear on the affected employees’ paychecks by the end of October.