Meet the New Cook County Clerks Stewards

The stewards’ duties are essential to conducting smooth relations between Local members and management. They make certain that the contract is enforced, that the workplace is safe, and that the members are treated fairly. It is their role to file a grievance on behalf of a member and get it to management’s attention, so it’s necessary to have someone in place who accurately voices clerks’ concerns.

“Having known and worked with both Jeff MacDonald and Norine Taylor for 20 years, I know them to be fair and strong-willed when it comes to their fellow colleagues.” Says Ernest Shepard, a clerk in the Law Division. “Having the both of them as union stewards is an ideal match for the Law Division.”

The new Cook County Clerks Stewards are listed below. Please get to know them if they represent your division. We applaud and support them in their dedicated service to the members of Local 700.

Shenite Browner- Traffic Division Daley Center

Rhonda Gause – Traffic Division Daley Center

Michele Wolfe – Domestic Relations

Pamella Coffey – Domestic Relations

Jeffrey MacDonald – Law Division

Norine Taylor – Law Division

Shirelle James – Probate Division

Danilya Martin -Domestic Violence

Sandy Lockhart – Markham District 6

Latricia Warnsley – Kimbro – Markham District 6

Shaunda Seay – CBC 26th & California

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