Dorothy Brown Willingly Puts our Members in Harm’s Way

Teamsters Local 700 is alarmed at the disrespectful and heartless leadership shown by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Dorothy Brown’s maleficence in putting our members in harm’s way is deplorable. She is forcing them to be exposed to COVID-19 every day as they continue to provide their valuable services.

Ms. Brown insists that our members must be physically in the workplace. This is completely unnecessary; our members are perfectly capable and should be trusted to do their work virtually, in a safe environment. Meanwhile, judges and other court staff are allowed to work from the comfort of their own homes.

Are judges’ comfort more important than our members’ lives? 

Apparently so, according to Ms. Brown, who seems to view our members as expendable and easily replaced if they were to contract the virus while they continue to provide their unfailing assistance to the courts.

Local 700 is outraged by this complete lack of compassion shown by Dorothy Brown. We are trying to resolve this life-threatening issue.

“I am appalled that our members could be treated with such carelessness,” says Local 700 President, Ramon Williams. “They are human beings and should be looked upon with respect.”

Please continue to have faith in your union, as we are doing everything possible to make things fair and just. 

Our members are NOT disposable. 

Stay strong. Stay united.

Local 700. 

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