Local 700 Declares War on CCDOC Raiders

Brothers and Sisters,

As of June 11th and the FLLA’s raid announcement, we are at war. Your Union has been under siege since before the Covid-19 outbreak.

We have the usual enemy, Dart and his bloated bureaucracy bent on squeezing our members for all the work they can get while trying to pay cents on the dollar. We have the new enemy, Covid-19, that threatens the lives of our members and, it appears, is resurging in full force. We have a wildly misguided population seeking to defund law enforcement, an irrationally sweeping reaction to George Floyd’s, and others, death(s). And at long last, the worst and most destructive of enemies, rabid packs of Union raiders. These individuals are making a name for themselves by hurling groundless accusations and bizarrely out of context “facts” in order to disinform and fatigue our already frustrated and over-tasked members.

Some of these parasites are former Union employees, not one of which has ever negotiated a CCDOC Union contract. When these has-beens couldn’t get the money, power or prestige they felt entitled to, they either resigned or became antagonistic to the point where they were fired. When a staffer or member undermines Union efforts, they undermine you, your safety, your job security and ultimately your future.

These bailers and failures want your money to create jobs for themselves. Jobs they will continue to fail at until they have exhausted your resources, at which time they will bail on you. Don’t get ghosted. The continued efforts of these BF-er’s to be recognized as a union only encourages the Sheriff’s Office to bide their time, prolonging negotiations. Haven’t they delayed enough?

For some, Union representation is a popularity contest and nothing we say will keep them from shooting themselves in the foot. You don’t have to be one of them. If Fumbling Losers Liars and Abusers will hand you a hot dog or donut with bare hands, in the middle of a pandemic, what kind of deals are they likely to bargain for you? Ones that benefit you, or themselves?

FLLA will fail. Why? Because they bailed and failed when they actually were Teamsters.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe, Stay United.

Teamsters Local 700

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Declaration of war_07.01.20

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