Juneteenth is known as Freedom or Jubilee Day, originates from the events on June 19th, 1865 when Major General Gordon Granger and 1,800 federal troops rode on Galveston, Texas to ensure the freedom of the remaining enslaved African Americans in the state.

Nearly a century and half later Black Americans continue to struggle for equality and justice in our country. The very public murder of George Floyd and countless others highlight the institutionalized racism and biases that still cling to parts of American society.

However, recent civil protests are finally yielding results as shown by the removal of statues and memorials celebrating slave owners and those that would divide us. Streets and public spaces named for Confederate Generals and politicians are being changed to celebrate agents of unification.

After 400 years of the struggle against racial inequality we as a Nation are expelling this cultural poison and beginning to heal. Local 700 recognizes the empowerment of Juneteenth and we encourage you to reflect and re-examine, both locally and nationally, your commitment to change.

Happy Juneteenth to all of our Brothers and Sisters in labor and all walks of life. And as always…

Stay Strong, Stay Encouraged and Stay Unified in our Demands!

Local 700


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