Teamsters Denounce Sheriff’s Inadequate Hazard Pay


Many of you have called us about a notification the Sheriff posted about Hazard Pay.


In fact, we have been fighting tooth and nail to get Hazard Pay for everyone and we were disappointed to see that the Sheriff (yet again) proposed to give Hazard Pay to select groups.  We formulated a counter proposal to send to them that would extend the benefit to EVERYONE.

But, in their typical fashion, the Sheriff has attempted to Union bust and sabotage our efforts by distributing piecemeal information to you all directly rather than bargaining with your exclusive representative.  This is bad faith and we are appalled at this childish maneuver.

Ask yourself:  When was the last time that the Sheriff made promises to the CCDOC? When  they coerced volunteers to go to MHTC with the promise of extra pay – only to renege on that promise after the volunteers put themselves and their own families at risk of increased exposure to COVID-19.  They still haven’t lived up to that promise despite our efforts to hold them to it.  They then agreed to pay Hazard Pay to other groups of employees – only to renege on that promise by paying small portions in an unreasonably delayed fashion.  The point is – this most recent post is no different.  The Sheriff is up to the same old tactics of sowing seeds of division and instilling in the CCDOC a mistrust of your Union.

We cannot let them win.  We must stay unified in our efforts.  Don’t let them manipulate you.

As planned, and as we promised to you, we submitted a counter-proposal to them and bargaining to impasse to reach an agreement that we can share with you.  The counter that we make will include compensation for EVERYONE in the bargaining unit.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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