Benevolent Fund Gets $15,000 Donation

For the last several years Teamsters Local 700 has participated in various charity events as part of our Community Outreach and Engagement Initiative. Saint Patrick’s High School holds the Shamrock Sweepstakes annually, luring community minded participants with cash prices ranging from $500 to $15,000. The proceeds of  the raffle help support the students and programs of Saint Patrick’s High School.

“It is always a win regardless of where we land in the pick…(because) we are investing in the community.” said Anthony McGee, Vice President of Local 700. He went on to mention that several of our members have attended Saint Patrick’s High School and now their teenagers also attend the institution.

Teamsters Local 700 participated again in 2019 and the gesture of support paid off big; 15,000 times over, to be exact. The proceeds of the $15,000 win will go back to members, in the form of a donation to the Teamsters Benevolent Fund.

With the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic most members live in fear for their health and livelihoods. The Benevolent Fund exists to assist members in dire need like so many American’s who have been affected by the pandemic without relief. In the past, the fund has often relied on charitable donations from more fortunate members. This massive donation, however, is another way for Leadership to show that we fully back our members.

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