Teamsters Local 700 Files Request to Intervene in Jail Detainee’s Lawsuit to Protect Officers Working Conditions and Health.

At the same time that Teamsters Local 700 was already negotiating with the Cook County Department of Corrections over various COVID-19 issues, a group of jail detainees filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff alleging that CCDOC’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis violated their constitutional rights. Teamsters Local 700 has been monitoring the case because of it’s potential impact on our officers’ terms and conditions of employment. After the Court issued a preliminary injunction against the Sheriff on April 22, 2020, the Union decided it would seek to intervene in the lawsuit so we could protect our officers’ health, safety, standards and working conditions and ensure that the Court takes their interest into account before deciding on any additional or permanent changes to CCDOC’s operations. Download the Union’s motion below.



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