Message from the CCDOC Union Office

If you believe that you are working an assignment that could be a threat to your health and safety, please immediately notify your supervisor and request a Union representative so that we can try to remedy the situation.

We are committed to serving all of the members at the Cook County Department of Corrections and replying to your concerns in a timely manner. We wanted to make sure everyone was aware of all of our e-mail addresses, as this is the best way to communicate with us at any given time. You are always welcome to call the Union Office and many of you have our personal cell numbers and also contact us through social media. However, e-mailing one or all of us, helps circulate conversations faster with having a paper trail attached so that we are all on the same page.


Chief Steward David Evans

Assistant Chief Steward Eddie Kern

Assistant Chief Steward Michael Davis

Assistant Chief Steward Regino Torres

Assistant Chief Steward Michael Tellez

Assistant Chief Steward William Hogueisson

As a reminder, the County e-mail address to report any concerns you have regarding PPE gear is

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