Local 700 Instrumental in Obtaining Paid Leave Status for Cook County Clerks

As of March 23, all Teamsters Local 700 members working for the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County were given the option to work from home and receive full pay, or work in facilities as part of a “skeleton crew” and receive double time.

Governor Pritzker’s shelter-in-place order for non-essential staff and businesses did not affect the courthouses. Managers at each location determined how many employees would be needed to provide essential services and offered double time to any Clerks that wanted to work as part of the skeleton crew.

“We are thrilled that a comprehensive plan was put into place for the Clerks membership to get them out of the courthouses with full pay,” said Teamsters Local 700 Vice President Anthony L. McGee. “To those working the skeleton crew, we commend you for your dedication to serving the public and are pleased you are being properly compensated for taking the extra risk. We want the members to know that we appreciate your patience and please continue to rely on us to support you during these times.”

All Clerks that worked at locations between Tuesday, March 17 and Friday, March 20 will receive an extra one-and-a-half hours of comp time for each day they were present. Those members working the skeleton crew will receive double time for the days they were at work.

Moving forward, any Clerks that are currently on approved leave for any reason, and are released to come back to work during this time, will be working from home with full pay.

The current arrangement is set to operate through Wednesday, April 15.

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