IDOT Membership Updates from Teamsters Local 700

Update on the contract
The IDOT contract has been carefully reviewed by our legal staff and is now awaiting final signatures. Upon getting the final signatures, the contract will be in effect immediately, and the new increases for our members will follow.

Amended Sick Leave Policy related to COVID-19
The State issued an amended sick leave policy for all IDOT workers to follow regarding the current COVID-19 crisis. Please take note of the following:

  • If you are diagnosed with COVID-19
    You will not come to work and will remain in approved PTO (paid time off) status until cleared by a medical professional to return to work. You will need to keep any and all documentation related to your diagnosis.
  • If you receive a quarantine order
    If you are under a quarantine order by a medical provider, you will remain in approved PTO (paid time off) status until able to return to work. You will need to keep any and all documentation related to the quarantine order.
  • If you come to work exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
    You will most likely be sent home with approved PTO (paid time off) status but must immediately contact your medical provider to obtain a diagnosis. If the medical provider clears you to return to work, you must do so immediately. If the medical provider determines you are unable to return to work, you must provide any and all documentation indicating your diagnosis.
  • If you are sick and it is not COVID-19
    You will be able to use your own sick leave time, and may request advanced sick leave time if needed. You should be evaluated by a medical professional and obtain documentation regarding your inability to be at work.

Bottom line: Keep all documentation anytime you are evaluated by a medical professional for any symptoms or confirmed illness.

Further action needed to protect IDOT
We are demanding that further safeguards be put in place to protect our members during the COVID-19 crisis. The State needs to provide IDOT with a workplace that comes as close as possible to meeting the current CDC guidelines. We have listed the following as top priorities to lower the risk of contracting or spreading the virus:

  • Staggered start times for essential staff currently working
  • Scheduling based on 12 hours on and off currently used during snow and ice
  • Volunteer rotating schedules
  • Reduced work week (four 10-hour days) in addition to alternating staff with on-call availability status
  • Reduce crew sizes to no more than two in one vehicle

These measures will provide more protection for IDOT members while meeting the proper manpower needs to continue serving the general public. We will keep you updated as we hear back from the State regarding these proposed safety measures.

Thank you to all of the IDOT members for making the sacrifice to keep working while many others are sheltered in place and working from home. Your work ethic is a proven testament to how essential you are to the State. We appreciate your patience during the contract process and hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this crisis.

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