Teamsters Local 700 Members Keep Working Despite Unprecedented National Health Crisis

As the threat of COVID-19 grows and the majority of Illinois citizens are sheltered in place, the members of Teamsters Local 700 have upheld their commitment to public service and have continued working under these circumstances.

Each segment of membership that is represented at Local 700 is like a building block that connects to all other facets of public service. All of our members are working together in a cohesive manner to keep all essential public services running as normal.

Across the state, the Illinois State Police Master Sergeants are helping local law enforcement agencies to enforce the Governor’s shelter in place order. Agencies like the Markham Police Department and the Peotone Police Department are going to work to protect and serve, while putting themselves at risk more so than usual. Other first responders like the members at the Prospect Heights Fire Department and the Stickney Fire Department are ready to respond to any and all emergencies that come their way.

Officers at the Cook County Department of Corrections are dealing with dangerous and unpredictable inmates on top of trying to shield themselves from contracting the virus. The drivers at Streets & Sanitation in the City of Chicago are feeling susceptible from coming in close contact with contaminated materials but are pushing forward with their duties.

The members at Evergreen Park Public Works and Marengo Public Works are working hard to maintain those communities while the Oak Forest clerical staff is also serving the public while trying to maintain social distancing.

“Our members have a calling to serve and they take pride in doing so,” said Teamsters Local 700 President Ramon D. Williams. “There are nearly 10,000 members that are part of Teamsters Local 700 and we know everyone is out there doing their part to provide those essential services. Many are first responders who selflessly go above and beyond in every situation and are committed to serving the citizens of Illinois. On behalf of the staff and Executive Board of Local 700, I just want to say THANK YOU for everything you are doing for your communities, friends, neighbors and families. Local 700 is doing everything possible to push employers to add more safety measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to better protect you as you serve the public. We will get through this together”


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