Update from the Teamsters Local 700 Legal Department

On behalf of the legal staff of Teamsters Local 700, I would like to update the membership about the current impact of COVID-19 on our scheduled cases, hearings, arbitrations and trials. The measures being taken to contain the virus has caused many of the courts and agencies we interact with to reschedule many legal appointments, such as the following:

–  The Cook County Merit Board has postponed all statuses for 30 days.

–  The City of Chicago Human Resources Board has postponed all hearings until after April 30, 2020.

–  Both the Federal Court (Northern District of Illinois) and Circuit Court of Cook County have issued orders postponing/extending various deadlines and hearings.

–  The Illinois Labor Board has not issued a statement to date, but individual investigators have made clear in their responses that everything on their end is somewhat tentative and subject to change based on further developments.

–  Expedited arbitrations for members of the Cook County Dept. of Corrections will need to be rescheduled once ordinary business resumes. Local 700 is following up with the Sheriff to limit the impact on members who have been scheduled to serve suspension time. If you need assistance, please contact the CCDOC union office.

In general, hearings are being postponed and everything in the legal department is being done remotely through written submission and/or conference calls. We are continuing to monitor all cases across the board and will be reaching out to each respective court/agency to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

If you have any questions about a pending case that you are involved in, please reach out to our legal department by calling 847-939-9700 or e-mail nicolec@teamsterslocal700.com.

Thank you for your continued patience at this time.

-Nicole Chaney
Chief Legal Counsel, Teamsters Local 700

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