Department of Aviation Offers Passenger Endorsement Testing to MTDs

Recently, the City issued a memo to all the drivers (MTDs) within the Department of Aviation that stated come April of this year, the CDL Passenger Endorsement (P) is required for all MTDs to be able to work at either airport as a full-time employee.

After the City released the memo, Teamsters Local 700 immediately connected with the Illinois Secretary of State to organize testing sessions that would be free to the membership so those that needed to obtain the P endorsement could do it by the April deadline. Typically, a P endorsement test can cost an individual around $1,000.

“We are pleased that every driver at Aviation that needs the P endorsement will have the opportunity to take the test within the time period as required by the City,” said Teamsters Local 700 President Ramon D. Williams. “We were fortunate that our brother and Trustee Hector Hernandez made the connection to the Secretary of State for us and that the City agreed to the testing sessions at O’Hare.”

“The Local 700 Executive Board is proud to make this happen for the drivers and we will continue to seek opportunities to provide favorable circumstances for our membership,” said Hector. “No one should have to worry about losing their job due to an old requirement that was resurrected out of the blue and we are grateful we could stop that from happening.”

The first round of testing for 40 MTDs took place on Feb. 4 at O’Hare and included some drivers from Midway. Each MTD is tested both on pre-trip procedures and a field test that is administered by a trainer from the Secretary of State.

There will be another round of testing next month for any MTDs that need it. If you are an MTD interested in the test, contact your Equipment Training Specialist to sign up: Wilson Vazquez at O’Hare and Iggy Garcia at Midway.


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