Congratulations to the Newly Elected Teamsters Local 700 Executive Board

The membership of Teamsters Local 700 has voted in a new Executive Board comprised of the following officers:

Ramon D. Williams, President
Robert V. Santana, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer
Anthony L. McGee, Vice-President
Edward Kern, Recording Secretary
Hector Hernandez, Trustee
William S. Moskal, Trustee
Miacole Nelson, Trustee

“I would like to congratulate everyone on the board on their new positions and wish them all the success and prosperity moving forward,” said Teamsters Local 700 President Michael G. Melone. “We are committed to working together toward making this transition as smooth as possible for the membership. I have enjoyed serving the membership and I have all the faith in Ramon that he will be an exceptional leader and a celebrated representative of Local 700.”

The new board will serve a five-year term and will take office on Jan. 1, 2020.

“The new Executive Board and I are honored to serve the members of this great Local,” said Ramon. “We pledge to work tirelessly at putting the needs of our members first and foremost above all else.”

On Dec. 23, 2019, outgoing President Michael G. Melone performed a ceremonial swearing-in for all officers before they are officially sworn into service during the General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020.

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