Local 700 Members at Grundy County Sheriff’s Office Capture Fugitive Inmate Within 24 Hours of Escape

Teamsters Local 700 members of the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office are being commended for their quick work to capture a potentially dangerous inmate who escaped from County the jail on Saturday, Dec 7.

Deputy Eric Halpin and Sergeant Josh Slattery worked together to find and capture fugitive inmate Andrew Viles within 24 hours of his escape. The Sheriff’s Office received multiple tips from the public, as Viles is a resident of Morris, Ill., where the jail is located. He was apprehended on Dec. 8 near Stockdale Road/ North Saratoga Rd. in Morris and taken into custody by Deputy Halpin and Sergeant Slattery. The Grundy County dispatchers were also instrumental in assisting the officers to capture the suspect.

“The men and women who work for the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office work together like a well-oiled machine,” said Teamsters Local 700 President Michael G. Melone. “They truly represent what it means to be part of a greater brotherhood and we are extremely proud of their unparalleled dedication to law enforcement and protecting their community. Local 700 has cultivated a great working relationship with Sheriff Briley and we are honored to have his entire staff be part of our union.”

The circumstances of the inmate’s escape are currently under investigation by the Sheriff.

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