Local 700 CPS Members to Receive MARBA Back Pay on Dec. 6 Paycheck

All Teamsters Local 700 members who work at Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will receive their retroactive MARBA increase of $1 per hour on their Dec. 6, 2019 paycheck. The members of CPS have their own collective bargaining agreement that is separate from the larger City of Chicago unit.

The prevailing wage rate set by MARBA took effect on July 1, 2019. There are 24 members in the CPS bargaining unit that are affected: 22 drivers, one forklift operator and a Foreman.

Nick Nutoni, a driver for CPS, has been the steward for the bargaining unit for the past year.

“Nick is extremely detail-orientated and stayed on top of this issue on behalf of his fellow members,” said Teamsters Local 700 Business Agent Carlos Sanchez. “Just like all of my union stewards, he does a great job being a voice for his co-workers and he is great representative of this Local.”

The prevailing wage rate is determined through negotiations between the Mid-America Regional Bargaining Association (MARBA) and associated labor organizations, which includes several Locals within Teamsters Joint Council 25.


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