Local 700 CCDOC Representatives Attend PTSD Conference for Correctional Officers

This past weekend, Teamsters Local 700 representatives from the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) attended the American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network Correctional Officer’s (ACOIN) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (COPTSD) Conference in Boston. Local 700 recently announced its membership to ACOIN to further benefit the Union’s resources connected to the correctional officer community.

CCDOC Chief Steward Mark Robinson attended the conference along with CCDOC Assistant Chief Stewards Jim Penney and Umberto Ingargiola. Experts in corrections presented the latest PTSD statistics and examples of model language regarding PTSD. Conference presenters also discussed the recent Michigan PTSD study commissioned by the Michigan Department of Corrections and the preliminary results from the Investigation into correctional officer suicide rates from Northeastern University and the National Institute of Justice.

“As the conference began, I realized that all of the issues and topics that were being discussed are the same across the country in the correctional setting,” said Jim. “The statistics surrounding health and safety, PTSD, depression, and the rate of suicide were astounding. We intend to share this information with as many of our co-workers as we can.

ACOIN Founder and Executive Director Brian Dawe has compiled large amounts of resources, networks, and information for referrals to services needed to tackle the most complex situations that can arise during the course of a correctional officer’s career.

“As stewards within our bargaining unit, we want to be sure that the members that we represent have access to as much information and resources as possible,” said Mark. “We want to thank Mike for sending us to the conference and for having the insight to join ACOIN for the positive impact it will have on the CCDOC membership.”


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