Teamsters Local 700 Joins American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network

Vice President Mark Robinson is also the Chief Steward for CCDOC.

Teamsters Local 700 has joined the American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network (ACOIN), a national membership organization comprised of Correctional Officers and the unions and associations that represent them. Affiliates of ACOIN often share best practices and ideas with Correctional Officers and their respective unions across the country.

“Joining as an affiliate of ACOIN has been a passion that Vice President Mark Robinson has talked about for years,” said Teamsters Local 700 President Michael G. Melone. “It is something that we have finally been able do for all of our Correctional Officers in Local 700.”

“This has been a long time coming and I thank President Mike Melone for making this happen,” said Mark. “I also want to thank Assistant Chief Union Steward James Doerge. Without him setting up the meeting and remaining vigilant about ACOIN, this affiliation may not have happened. Approximately nine years ago, we met with ACOIN Executive Director Brian Dawe by O’Hare airport and introduced him to ‘good pizza.’ Since that day, I have been sending and receiving information from ACOIN regarding things like Healthcare, National Pay for Correctional Officers, PTSD, and safety issues that affect Correctional Officers. That information has helped us to increase contractual benefits for Cook County Correctional Officers. Those benefits have been used in other contractual language for Teamsters Local 700 bargaining units. The relationship we have built should only lead to more benefits and pay in the future, and the information that ACOIN has at its disposal is priceless.”

“The American Correctional Officers Intelligence Network and the COPTSD156 Coalition are honored to learn of Teamsters Local 700 support of our efforts,” said ACOIN Executive Director Brian Dawe. “Working together for all of our brothers and sisters behind the walls is critical if we are to successfully address the issues we all face. Local 700’s affiliation is a much-welcomed addition to our team. Over 30 unions representing Correctional Officers across the nation have joined ACOIN, and we are thrilled to have Teamsters Local 700 on board. Thank you to all of our brothers and sisters in Corrections for your support. We walk this beat together!”

More About ACOIN
Since 1994 ACOIN Executive Director Brian Dawe, a former Massachusetts State Correctional Officer and co-founder of the Massachusetts Correctional Officers Federated Union, has been networking with Correctional Officers, their unions and associations. Mr. Dawe started his career in May 1982 and has been a vocal advocate for correctional officers and the issues we face for over 30 years. A renowned public speaker and researcher Dawe is also called upon to testify as an expert witness on a variety of issues on behalf of Correctional Officers nationwide.

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