Teamsters Local 700 Principal Officers Meet With Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Building a Bridge Towards a Working Relationship

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot with President Michael G. Melone

Teamsters Local 700 President Michael G. Melone and Secretary-Treasurer Vincent F. Tenuto, Jr. met with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot earlier this week to discuss relevant issues pertaining to the City of Chicago membership.

“We had a great discussion with Mayor Lightfoot about the value of our Local 700 members and the essential work they do for the City of Chicago,” said President Melone. “We are looking forward to building a working relationship with the Mayor and having many more conversations down the road.”

Secretary-Treasurer Tenuto presented the Mayor with ideas that would benefit both the City members and Chicago taxpayers.

“We talked with the Mayor about fixing the process when members have to go on duty disability,” said Tenuto. “The current policy has caused many delays and we want to speed up the process so that our members can return to work in a timely fashion.”

They also suggested to the Mayor that the City buy more trucks so that rental costs would eventually go down to save money.

“The Mayor knows our top priority is to fill any vacancies that we currently have within our bargaining unit and to create new jobs where we can to grow our City membership,” said Tenuto.

Before the meeting adjourned, President Melone offered Mayor Lightfoot his Teamsters Public Sector pin, which she proudly added to her lapel.

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