More Teamsters Local 700 Jobs Created in City of Chicago

Another 35 career service (7183) Motor Truck Driver (MTD) positions have been added within the City of Chicago’s Department of Aviation. Many of the affected employees have already started working, and those who haven’t will be activated by the end of October.

The 35 new positions were up placed up for bid on the City’s website and were filled based on seniority. Other Teamsters Local 700 members who were pool drivers are currently filling the vacancies at the other City departments, which are also based on seniority. Some of these positions will also be put up for bid in the future.

“Because Local 700 has the opportunity to consistently negotiate with the City of Chicago, we are able to create new jobs and opportunities for our people to bid on,” said Teamsters Local 700 Secretary-Treasurer Vincent F. Tenuto, Jr. “Our goal is to put as many of our people to work as possible and to continue to build more Teamsters Local 700 jobs in the City.”



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